Worcester Smiles Internship Programs

In Season Summer Program (May-July)

Thinking about a career in sports? Looking for hands-on training in a high-energy environment? The Worcester Smiles FC offer unpaid and paid internship programs:

Broadcast & Entertainment

Interns will be involved with producing broadcasts and creating team content. This is during every home game including pre-season events.

  • Broadcast live stream game footage
  • Receive on-air and on-camera opportunities with interviews of players & fans.
  • Capture and edit pictures and videos for social media and team websites
  • Liaison with local media/publishing companies.

Fan Experience & Ticket Sales

Intern will work directly with fans before, during and after games. Tasks for this internship will include:

  • Organize pre-game clinics and VIP Tents
  • Fans promotion that includes group director during game day
  • Manage Team Raffles and Contests
  • Assist with sponsored concourse booths and ball shagging.

Hospitality Operations

Team Visitor Liaison: Duties include:

  • Field coordination during game day.
  • Maintenance and groundskeeping

Merchandising: Duties include:

  • Catering/food
  • Run team store to make sales, retail display strategies and much more.
  • Catering coordination with local vendors.

Off Season Program (Spring/Fall Semesters)

In order to be ready for the summer program to be successful, a lot of work needs to happen off season. This is a great way to learn the in and outs of how a pre-am soccer program works that can help build a career with a high level sports team. The Smiles FC works with all high school/college/universities local and nationally with hybrid and in person internship.

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