Smiles Club

What is the Smiles Club for Kids?

Worcester Smiles FC is dedicated to providing the best in family entertainment in Women Pro-Am Soccer. Our Smiles Club for Kids is open to children from the age of toddler to 15. When kids join our club, we invite them to participate in special activities during the games and offer them promotional discounts on merchandise during the off-season.

$10 Smiles Kid Club Membership Includes:
  • the electronic Worcester Smiles Newsletter
  • special pre-sale access for Worcester Smiles tickets in 2021
  • exclusive invitation to pre-game clinics at a discounted price
  • fun surprises from time to time during the season
  • two free game tickets to League 2

What is the Smiles Club for Kids at heart? The Smiles VIP Club?

Worcester Smiles FC is not just for Kids but also for older children and all adults. We understand that everyone likes to smile. Become a VIP member and enjoy the entertainment with these perks.

$100 Smiles VIP Club Membership Includes:
  • discounts on special selected merchandising
  • an exclusive invitation to a pre-game clinic at a discounted price for kids up to 15 years of age
  • four free game tickets for League 1 & 2
  • four Sponsor Smiles T-Shirts to be picked up at Smiles Accessory both on the day of the game

Community Event

Worcester Smiles FC community Event night out supporting Worcester Blades Professional Female Hockey with Worcester Female Roller Derby
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